Don't start complaining just yet, I've set a nice spot near the window for you.

The Desk
Room/Location Information
Type Desk
Animatronics/Robots Strings
The Desk is the starting point for the player. The player sits on a spinning chair in front of the desk. Unlike a FNaF game, there is less rubbish on the desk.

Appearance Edit

The Desk has a unique texture on it and there are props layer out on it's surface. The computer is the largest prop, in each corner of the computer's frame are metal nails. In the bottom-right of the computer's frame, there are wires connecting into computer itself.

Just beneath the computer lies a set of buttons with different colors on each button. These buttons are used for Blake for his game for the servers.

There is are two servers to the left and right. The left server seems to have a Call Button featuring Blake on it. A tower fan stands on the right server's side, like Five Nights at Freddy's games. A small bottle with a straw consisting of Popgoes' head and green stripes stand next to the left servo.

The wall sports a confetti-like texture with different colors in the background.

Trivia Edit

  • The desk is simply where the player resides throughout the night.
  • If possible, the player can use the cursor to tap Popgoes' nose on the bottle and it will make a small POP!
  • The desk is just one of the many desks in the Internet-Pizzeria.

Miscellaneous Edit