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Character Information
Species A.I.
Gender Neither
Occupation Experiment
Starting location The Desk
First appearance First Night, Extras Menu (Full Body)
>Strings, or Sec-Strings is a robotic experiment created by Fritz in POPGOES. She was made for artificial intelligence (A.I.) and curiosity, according to the Extras Menu. Unlike the others, she is not an animatronic, and she is the main protagonist of POPGOES and it's cancelled sequel POPGOES 2.

Appearance Edit

Strings appears to be a futuristic robot with multiple, slender arms; three on each side of her body to be exact. She also has three abdomens. One below her gray head with a simple glowing eye, and another abdomen with a flash camera and a heartbeat monitor. And the last one just above its one "leg". This one abdomen connects to the next abdomen with cords and a metal endo-spine.

Strings also has a similarity to 3D-Printers in her "feet".

Behaviour Edit

Strings is the character whom the player controls. This is a solidified fact, as Strings holds a pen and sticky notes. Throughout the nights, sticky notes will appear on the monitor, giving out helpful advice to the player.

Another piece of evidence that strengthens this is when Strings "dies", a screen will say "Error" or "Connection Lost". Other proof that Strings is the player character is when the Panic Bar fills to a certain amount, the player will hear a heart monitor. It has also been confirmed that Fritz is watching over Strings in his office throughout the game. This allows him to mess with and test the player's skills via the animatronics. Even more evidence is that Simon gives off hints to robots with A.I similar to her, which in this case, is Strings. In Simon's apparition on the Sixth Night, Simon thanks the player by freeing him and the flame of Strings.

Strings was originally to be an ornament that fought Fritz's nightmares of The Puppet. According to the Fourth Night phone call (Option 3), Fritz contacted a friend online and discovered a religious act of making static ornaments, which repelled nightmares.

Trivia Edit

  • Strings appears in the POPGOES Countdown as a static ornament.
  • Strings' model is very unlike other animatronics, appearing very inhuman - unlike the anthropomorphic animals that the primary antagonists take the form of.
  • However, her physical appearance cannot be seen throughout POPGOES until the player completes Impossible Mode on the Custom Night.
  • It was confirmed by Kane Carter on a reddit post that Strings is the ornament and that Strings' true name is Sec-Strings, which is the high-tech version.

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