Server Room
Room/Location Information
Type Server Room
Camera CAM 7
The Server Room is where Blake the Badger goes to most often. It is one of the three locations to not have a 3D-Printer in it in Popgoes' Pizza.

Appearance Edit

Like every other camera in the place, the Server Room has a checkered-floor. A Server Cabinet stands on the far end of the small room, which is full of small minor red buttons and some major yellow buttons. There is a monitor to the right which tells the player what color Blake is going to choose while hacking into the Server Cabinet.

To the left, there is a wooden bulletin board with about five typed notices on it. Wires hang down from the ceiling.

Movement Edit

Blake will come into here to hack into Popgoes' Pizza's system, and will disable the player's Phone and Computer system; making them Panic quickly and allowing an Animatronic to jumpscare them.

Blake will choose a random color. There are only five colors which Blake puts onto the monitor in the Server Room which are power colors of the five main animatronics: GreenYellowBluePinkRed. When the player hears beeping in the background, they must instantly switch to the Server Room camera. The player must then look at the color the monitor screen has gone to, then find and press the colour on the board below the computer. Then press the Call Button.

Stone the Crow will also appear here holding up the sign, Gem Stone will also appear here holding his sign up.

Quotes Edit

He lied to you.
— Stone's sign in the Server Room.
He never lies.
— Gem Stone's sign in the Server Room.

Trivia Edit

  • The monitor screen isn't visible until a certain color is activated.
  • An earlier version of the Server Room has been shown as a teaser on a Subreddit post and has been dubbed "Drainage".

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