Heat vents to stop noises.
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Second Night is the second night of POPGOES. This night is slightly harder due to Sara the Squirrel and Saffron the Squirrel both becoming active on this night. Additionally, Popgoes the Weasel becomes much more faster when moving.

Phone Call Edit

Main Call
Night 2 - Main Call
Right, Hey again! Second night. Hope you've gotten used to your job by now, pressing buttons on a phone. You'll have trouble finding a job that actually requires you to be on one of those. Anyway, I expect efficient use of that phone, kid. Oh, I'll let you know now, don't start slacking off, we're paying attention. After your first week is done, I'll be doing a review of your progress and if you're fit to continue or not. If you do a job especially well, I may even give you a bonus!

Ah, but I guess there isn't even that much for you to do. I know I haven't gave you much to work with just yet, cause this is just a test run. But there is something for you to do in case you get bored I suppose. Well, I'm not gonna treat you like these robots behind you. So we're entering the winter time. I imagine you'll be working just next week so it's going to get pretty darn cold here, and I'm sure you already noticed this from yesterday. I don't know... I have given you access to the ventilation system, which means you should be able to turn on the heating grid once in a while to warm up the place. They stay for about a minute probably, but that's long enough, right? Bear in mind, the vents go around the perimeter of the building so... Oh, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Well, that should keep you entertained. God, I hope you're as easily pleased as I am. That's all for tonight. Oh, wait, now it's your turn to talk. Here you go!

— Fritz, Second Night.

Option 1: Why can't I keep the heating on in the ventilation?

Night 2 - Option 1
Ah, yes, as I said you're only allowed to have them running one minute bursts. It's not that I don't trust you. It's... Well, everybody can make mistakes, right? These things overheat, when left on for a long period of time and I can't risk that. We all know what happened to that... "attraction" last year? I... I remember I worked with a similar problem. You know, being under constraints like that... I don't know. It was fine. I'm just fine, I'm sure you will be too. Nothing dangerous about vents. Oh, what am I saying. Just turn on the heat sometimes and yes, you have limited use of it, and I'm sorry about that. Right. See you tomorrow.

Option 2: Can't the robots sort out the heating?

Night 2 - Option 2
I don't know. They already do so much. You think I'm gonna send them up in the vents and turn the lasers on manually each time someone gets chilly? Alright, alright, I did try that out once before with one of the squirrels, but c'mon, let's not get them more stuff to do! These guys are already busy enough during the day, they deserve a break. During the night, Popgoes and the others are supposed to be... You know, resting. Oh, and Stone the Crow in the car park. He can't physically move out of his birdcage, so he's pretty much resting all the damn time. Anyway, the vents are only for air to travel around the building. It could be dangerous if someone, especially a plastic-covered robot were to get stuck in there, or if they touched one of the heating lasers. Pretty easy. I thought you'd have fun with it anyway. Just get that done and you should be alright. Alright? Excellent. See you tomorrow kid.

How does the heating work?

Night 2 - Option 3
Oh yeah, it does look kind of weird, doesn't it? Well, as with all the other systems in the building, I designed those heaters myself. They're just very thick laser beams coming from one side of the vents to the other. You should be able to see a square rim on the vent section with the light that switches between red and green. That rim is what keeps the lasers stable. When they're on, the lasers heat up the air constantly going around the vents system. Keeps almost every human in the location warm. Huh, well, except my office. Speaking of, do you see where it is? If you think it's on one of those cameras, well, you are wrong! I hate being recorded all day. You can guess how much work I'm doing in there and being on camera would only interrupt that. I think it's the only room that isn't surveilled. Oh and the bathrooms aren't of course. If you still can't see my office and you really want to know where it is, just look to your left. The doors are right next to Popgoes' stage. That's about it. Try out the heating, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Strategy Edit

The strategy for this night is slightly different due to Sara and Saffron both becoming active. The player should continue the same strategy from the First Night, but after the Squirrel Sisters reach the Employee Lounge, the player should follow this strategy:

  1. Locate Popgoes on the cameras.
  2. Wait for him to go inside the room with a piece of the Blackrabbit.
  3. When he's inside, press the Room Shut-Down button.
  4. Locate Sara and Saffron on the vent cameras and turn the Heating Grids on to slow them down.
  5. Switch to the Main Hall camera, to make sure Popgoes is there. If Popgoes is not in the Main Hall, locate him, press the Room Shut-Down button and set the security system back to the Main Hall.
  6. Lower the Panic Bar by looking at the Window.
  7. Repeat above.

Tips Edit

  • Popgoes will become active almost instantly.
  • The Squirrel Sisters will become active at 2AM.
  • The player shouldn't let the Squirrel Sisters come to the vent opening above them; in doing so would make Sara steal the Phone.

Minigame Edit

The player will control Saffron the Squirrel in this minigame that also is set in the mysterious location. The player should go up four screens, left one screen, up one screen and right two screens. Along the way, the player will encounter Freddy's hat. When the player gets to the last room, they will find Toy Freddy once again trapped in mysterious tentacle-like chains. When you approach Toy Freddy the minigame ends.

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