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Saffron the Squirrel
Character Information
Species Animatronic Red Squirrel
Gender Female
Power Color Pink Pink
Occupation Guitarist at Popgoes' Pizzeria
Starting location Show Stage in the Dining Hall
First appearance First Night (Inactive)
Second night (Active)
Saffron the Squirrel, or just Saffron, is one of the squirrel sisters and one of the six main antagonists in POPGOES.

Appearance Edit

Saffron is a humanoid animatronic squirrel. Most of her body is dark brown, with a lighter shade of brown inside her ears, on her chest, and on her face. She has pink eyes, very long hair, a pink and white guitar, and white cheeks. Also, like Sara, Saffron has a long, three-section tail with mechanical hinges separating the segments. Also, like the other animatronics, she has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot.

Behavior Edit

Saffron behaves similarly to Sara. Sara and Saffron will both start on the show stage with Popgoes the Weasel. On the second night, the twins will begin to advance to the Employee's Lounge, where they will both crawl to the vents. They will then exit through the Parts and Service and enter the second set of vents. Once they are in the second set of vents, they will proceed slowly to the vent opening above the player's desk. Although they can't be stopped, they can be slowed down with the heating grid in the ventilation system around the place. When the player see the twins in a vent camera, turn on the heating immediately. If they reach the player, Sara and Saffron will begin to stare at them. When the player is busy looking at the cameras, Sara steals the player's phone, which keeps the player from changing the cameras and also raises the player's panic bar. If the player's Panic Bar gets full while the sisters are above them and the player facing toward the monitor, one of the sisters will attack the player.

Description in Extra Menu Edit

Saffron the Squirrel is the guitarist of the Popgoes' Pizzeria band. Her design is inspired by the red squirrel. Her programming has forced her to become an almost exact copy of her sister.
— Saffron's character file

Trivia Edit

  • Saffron is Sara's twin sister.
  • The Saffron symbol is what activates the heating grid.
  • Saffron is very similar to The Mangle .
  • Saffron's name is a reference to the seasoning, saffron.
    • This also explains her reddish skin.
  • Saffron's connection lost screen's det3 code is "mem_saffron_116s".

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