...Pressing buttons on a phone...
— Fritz, Second Night

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Plain WeaselWare Phone.

The WeaselWare Phone is a core mechanic in POPGOES. It tells the time and how much power it contains, similar to a mobile phone. The phone is connected to the WeaselWare servers, which gives the player access to sixteen cameras, six of which are vent cameras.

Advantages Edit

  • It operates the cameras in the location and can toggle the cameras into the Ventilation cameras.
  • It can shut-off the power in certain rooms.
  • It can activate the heaters in the vents to prevent Sara and Saffron from reaching the Dining Hall.
  • It is able to view the Animatronics' progress.
  • It can be able to tell the player if the Wi-Fi is waning.
  • Permit the player see when Blake are hacking the system.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Saffron and Sara can steal the phone.
  • The heaters deactivate after about nine seconds.
  • The player must press the rooms individually, and then press the respective vent button to toggle between normal and vent cameras.
  • Stone the Crow can block the camera while holding his sign.
  • The Phone camera only can be see in The Desk.
  • If Blake hacks the system, the cameras and the monitor will turn off.

Trivia Edit

  • Four rooms are not shown on the camera system.
    • These are the Restrooms, Fritz's Office and the dining hall.
  • According to Fritz, there are several phones in the building, which are given to children when they enter Popgoes Pizzeria. The security app used by the player is only accessible at night.
    • He also states that, if the children play rough with the phones, the animatronics are capable of taking them away. This explains why Saffron and Sara have the ability to take the phone during the night.
  • Whenever a room is pressed, the room that was pressed will take on a certain colour.
  • The player can see up six ventilation ducts in the phone.

Wallpapers are prizes in Good Night. They can only be unlocked by setting the Animatronics' A.I difficulty to either Difficult Mode (15/15/15/15) or Impossible Mode (20/20/20/20) with extra challenges.

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