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POPGOES ARCADE 2 is created as a sequel to POPGOES ARCADE and an interactive teaser for POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest.

This game plays out similar to its predecessor, but new game mechanics, consumables, and characters are introduced. POPGOES characters are also completely absent from the game.

The protagonist is a young, courageous girl named JJ. The goal of the game is to collect all four masks and defeat the Lord Puppet.

Story Edit

The game starts out in Freddy Forest. Freddy Fazbear informs JJ that his world has 4 factions and they all have been acting strange. He suspects that all their Kings have caught a terrible curse called "The Phantom Scourge" by the Lord Puppet. JJ decides to undergo the challenge and fight her way to the Puppet Realm and save the land. During the adventure, the player must fight other inhabitants of the areas.

Once the player rescues all the Kings and collects their masks, they must enter a portal in the middle of the world and fight Lord Puppet. Defeating the Puppet ends the game at a happy state, where the world is saved and all the characters are at peace again.

There is, however, a second ending. After beating the Freddy King in battle, walk beyond the portal and into the wall. The player will then encounter Shadow Freddy, who will replace your Freddy Mask with a Shadow Freddy Mask.

Endings Edit

Defeating the puppet gives the peaceful ending but the second ending causes a monologue from Purple guy/Springtrap, after collecting each shadow cupcake then placing them on the podiums, the last ones cause a shadowy figure to attack from behind and the real person playing the arcade (presumably in Fazbear's Fright) is jumpscared by the real Springtrap, then it freezes,becomes negative and the game crashes. Reloading the game will cause a different start, one with an article of a missing kid then the real kid is shown and there is what is presumed a set up. Then it closes with a timed thank you then it re crashes.

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