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Character Information
Developer/s Kane Carter
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Genre Point-N-Click Horror
Theme Sci-Fi
"POPGOES 2" is a canceled sequel to POPGOES '16. Unlike POPGOES, the game takes place in Fritz's house two weeks after POPGOES. The main protagonists are Strings and Simon.

It appears that Simon takes Strings to Fritz's house, which Strings is tasked to fend off the Dreamcatcher Animatronics while Simon figures out how to hack into the Animatronics in a different area of the house.

Supposed Gameplay Edit

Strings is positioned in the Attic, which is the third floor of the House. The Dreamcatchers have two spawn points; the front garden and the back garden, where they would start off their progress going up two floors of the house to reach Strings. The player is supplied with a Camera Monitor and a Lighting Panel that lures a certain Dreamcatcher to its right Toy Animatronic mask. E.G. Dreamcatcher Stone appears in front of the player; the player should react by pressing the BB mask option on the Lighting Panel. The player is also allowed to slow down the Animatronics' progress by closing the doors and stairs.

Once the player completes the night, they are taken to the point-of-view of Simon, where the player plays a minigame to hack into a certain animatronic; like Fun with Plushtrap in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, if the player loses the mini game, it would tend to make the animatronic harder to defend against during later gameplay. If the player wins the minigame, the animatronic won't get more hostile.

Trivia Edit

  • There's a real POPGOES 2 in the works, but it's probably going to have no association to this version of the game.

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