The Main Hall is a big room which connects the rooms around it together. The rooms around it are the Party Room, Kitchen, Birthday Room, Art Room, and the Arcade Room. The only animatronic that ever goes through it is Popgoes the Weasel (Excluding Stone the Crow and Gem Stone).

Appearance Edit

The Main Hall has about five doors leading to separate rooms. Like the rest of the place, it has a white and black checkered-floor. There are three colored signs with words pointing out a room. The Restrooms are just visible on the edge of the camera's line-of-view. On the ceiling is a light that is still activated.

Movement Edit

Popgoes will come through here to enter random rooms at random times. If he happens to be expelled out of the room, he will either try to get the attempted room's Blackrabbit piece again or to go to another room where he will collect another piece. After Popgoes manages to receive a piece from a certain room, he will proceed through the Main Hall and will come back to collect another piece.

Stone appears here holding up his sign, Gem Stone also appears here. They are both hallucinations of Strings.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the most important room in the game, as the player has to check if Popgoes will enter a room.

In-game Edit