Room/Location Information
Type Cooking Area
Camera CAM 5
Blackrabbit Piece Body
The Kitchen is one of the six rooms with a 3D-Printer and also with one of the Vent Cameras. It is marked as CAM 5 on the Phone minimap. The Kitchen is one of the nine rooms in 

Appearance Edit

The Kitchen appears to be one long room with a 3D-Printer at the end. Like the rest of the place, the Kitchen has a checkered floor. Below a white cabinet is a dark gray cooker that appears to have no knobs what so ever.

On the other side of the room on a another table are brown bags of cooking materials. On the table itself is a small bowl of what appears to be multicolored sweets, with a fallen blue sweet on the table.

Movement Edit

No animatronic could be seen in the Art Room other than Popgoes, Stone and Gem Stone. Popgoes could only be seen in front of the 3D-Printer about to receive the body of the Blackrabbit, and another render of him holding the Blackrabbit's body.

Quotes Edit

Everything is okay.
— Stone's sign
Things are... wrong.
— Gem Stone's sign

Trivia Edit

  • In the POPGOES Trailer, one may find the bowl of sweets gone.
    • This is probably because the POPGOES Team hadn't modeled it yet at the time the trailer was released.

Kitchen Vent
Room/Location Information
Type Vent
Camera CAM 5v
The Kitchen Vent is one of the six camera in the Ventilation System. Only Sara and Saffron the Squirrels go through here.

Movement Edit

The Squirrel Sisters go through here while progressing towards the player. The player must activate the Heating Grid here to stop them.

Trivia Edit

  • This vent is very similar to the Arcade Room's Vent.
    • This is probably because the angle of the camera.

Gameplay Edit

Vent Gameplay Edit