FANDOM should be able to turn up the Heating Grid once in a while to warm up the place.

An activated Heating Grid with Sara (Left) and Saffron (Right) the Squirrels in the Party Room vent camera.

Heating Grids are found in the Ventilation System above six rooms. Laser Gates are usually used to heat the room that is below it during the day.

Advantages Edit

  • The heating grids slow down the Squirrel Sisters.
  • There are vent openings that lead down to the room below them.
    • When the Squirrel Sisters are in the camera, the light below the vent will reflect onto them and will alert the player.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The heating grids only last for nine seconds.
    • This means that the player will be distracted and will go to the Vent Camera.

Trivia Edit

  • Saffron's symbol is the activated laser gate.
  • Sara's symbol is the deactivated laser gate.
  • Fritz made a mistake on the Second Night phone call and thought that the Heating lasted for one minute.
  • There are six heating grids above certain rooms.
  • Fritz had warned that if anything touches the Lasers, it would melt.