Keep Calm. First Night.
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First Night is the very first night of POPGOES, despite its name. It is the only night to only have three animatronics active, excluding Good Night. The animatronics introduced in this night are Popgoes the Weasel and Blackrabbit, Stone can be active depending on the Panic level of the player.

Phone Call Edit

Main Call
Night 1 - Main Call
Right, that should do it... Glad to see you working there! The name's Fritz and welcome to the Popgoes Pizzeria, the next generation of kids' entertainment. *chuckle* As you already know, you'll be guarding this place until 6 in the morning. And as your boss I'm obliged to help you understand your job and the tools you'll be allowed to use during the shift. So first thing's first, I gotta be honest your current setup might not be very optimal, so to say. I didn't have time to prepare a designated room for you in the location so you'll just have to manage with using one of the internet cafe monitors near the stage; next to the gang. Don't start complaining just yet, I've set a nice spot near the window for you. I even brought a fan! Anyway, the phone you have in your hand... It's usually used by kids during the day for games and whatnot but I've sorted out a security application that only activates during the night. Which is when... you're here, obviously. Everything you'll ever need for your job is ready to use. Go on, press some buttons. You can check all the rooms with set cameras that are connected online, and the ventilation system too! *Sigh* Alright, I know what you're thinking. First night on the job, I'm rambling a bit, it's a lot to take in. And yes, I know there are a bunch of anthropomorphic plastic animals around you watching you work. Trust me when I say I know how that feels. Your imagination might get a tad bit out of control. Stress does that to you. But don't worry, you're completely safe here. I've built this place from the ground up to be one of the most transparent, honest, and safest places on earth. Unlike... some other businesses.

If you ever start feeling anxious, looking out a window or just, you know, taking a look outside should calm you. That tends to work for me at least. Right; back to the anthropomorphic animals. I'm sure you've already guessed by now that these are our animatronic characters. Top of the line technology. Honestly, the name animatronic doesn't do them justice. They're more like multipurpose robots. They can be programmed to do anything I can think of. They pretty much run this place now. Of course, again they are completely harmless. They aren't physically capable of hurting anybody. Made sure of that myself. Oh, I think I might be going on for too long.

Last thing on the list, you may have noticed that this is a pre-recorded message which means if you want to ask a question you won't get an answer. But hey, to fix that I've given you some options. I stayed up all night to set up a simple QnA system to go with your app. When this call ends you'll get 3 topics to choose from, and when you select one of them, another audio message of mine will play to help explain whatever you want to know more about. Quite nifty, right? Obviously not quite as much freedom as a normal phone call, but it'll have to do for now. Well that's it for your first night. Check those cameras and don't forget to take a breather once in a while, alright? Your three options should appear... now.

— Fritz, First Night

There are selections of options after the major phone call. These have topics on the question the player wants to answer.

Option 1: What does the "Room Shut-Down" button do?

Night 1 - Option 1
Well as you might have noticed, you can reset any electronic or wireless connection in 6 of the pizzeria's rooms by using your phone's "ROOM SHUT DOWN" button. I added this feature to your phone to ease the job of having to fix any tech related problems that might crop up during your shift. You know, so you don't have to go there and manually fix it. So if you see the printers go awry or something just push that button and wait a few seconds for all the systems to go back online. Bear in mind, technical faults almost never happen here so I really doubt you'll need to use it that much. Oh, and don't worry about breaking any machinery or something. They'll just got back to doing their normal activities once the shutting down procedure is complete which is about 5-10 seconds long. Alright well that's your first night. I'll do the same thing for you tomorrow. You know what to do. Good night, kid.

Option 2: What are the robots capable of doing?

Night 1 - Option 2
Hey! Good to know you want to learn more about my crew. If you payed attention to my first message you must have heard me say that these robots can do pretty much anything, yes? Well, I wasn't joking. This place is fully automated and run entirely by them. No human employees as of yet. Don't need them, honestly. The staff room exists purely to keep the ventilation opening out of reach of customers. Cooking, cleaning, printing, performing, taking care of kids etcetera etcetera... It's all down to the cartoon animals. All very efficient. Did I tell you that I built the characters too? That's what the 3D Printers were originally for, before they were repurposed to do the same thing but... a lot smaller. chuckle Didn't need anyone for that either. Designed, printed, put together all by yours truly. Relying on other people is nonsense, I tell you. Uh, of course don't let that discourage you from doing your job. There are always exceptions. Right, uh, that'll be it for the first night. I'll do the same thing for you tomorrow. See ya, kid.

Option 3: What's it like during the day?

Night 1 - Option 3
The Popgoes Pizzeria. It really is something, right? Which makes this a pretty broad topic to talk about but I bet you can just guess how most of it works by taking a look at the place. Though I honestly think that "the next generation of kids' entertainment" sounds dull, it is a fitting motto. When a kid opens the door they can grab a WeaselWare phone from one of the shelves and play around with it. The phone will connect to a monitor, like yours, but during the day it'll let the kids play games, make things with the 3D Printers to paint on, use some of the repurposed arcades etcetera. All of this, and no staff required. Yes, Popgoes and the crew keep the children and the equipment safe at all times. If they see a kid gnawing on a phone or a wire they'll just take it away from him and get the parents to sort it all out. Of course that's not everything but, these options are meant to be short so I'm trying to be more specific with the other set of questions. That's it for the first night, see you tomorrow.

Strategy Edit

To beat the night - which is easy - the player must first listen to the phone call and should wait for Popgoes the Weasel to become active. Once he becomes active, the player should follow this strategy:

  1. Locate Popgoes on the cameras.
  2. Wait for him to go inside the room with a piece of the Blackrabbit.
  3. When he's inside, press the Room Shut-Down button.
  4. Lower the Panic Bar by looking at the Window.
  5. Repeat progress.

Popgoes will eventually get the piece and will put it on the table behind the player's back. The player should then repeat the progress above. This only slows Popgoes from getting more pieces of the Blackrabbit, so the player shouldn't be inactive for some time. Repeat the strategy above, and the player will win the night.

Tips Edit

  • Popgoes will become active at 2AM.
  • Stone will appear on the cameras if the Panic Bar is high.

Minigame Edit

The player will control Stone the Crow in this minigame that appears to be a dark area with dark red walls and streaks on the ground that look like arteries. They should go straight up three screens, then should head to their left two screens more. Along the way, the player will encounter objects such as balloons, a sign, and a propeller hat. When the player gets to the last room, they will find Balloon Boy trapped in a clutch of a mysterious tentacle-like prison. The player should approach BB, ending the First Night's mini game.

Simon Minigame Edit

Simon Says, Let me tell you the truth.

The Minigame is practically the same, only that Simon will appear chained on a wall. When Stone approaches him, they will be turned into Lux Stone. They will now have the ability to free but destroy BB.

To find Simon, the player must set up a timer. They should defend themselves until around 05:26:00 minutes. Before this time passes, the player must swiftly go to the Arcade Room's vent camera where they will capture Simon. They must quickly press the red button. Doing this, the player enters the Simon Minigame.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player presses the spacebar on BB's hat in the minigame, they'll be transported to a secret sketch of Fritz Glade and Bonnie Glade holding hands.

Sketch Edit

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