Epitome Popgoes the Weasel
Character Information
Species Skeletal Least Weasel
Gender Male
Power Color Green
First appearance POPGOES 2

Epitome Popgoes was presumably the main antagonist of POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest

History Edit

Epitome Popgoes was created by Simon, along with the other Epitomes, to capture particularly intelligent people and interrogate them for answers about the universe.

Appearance Edit

Epitome Popgoes vaguely resembles the original Popgoes. He was modeled after the skeleton of a weasel. His suit parts are green and are very slender, almost bone-like. His endo is visible underneath his makeshift ribcage, and he has many cords, acting like nerves, all over him. His teeth, claws, and tail are all extremely sharp. He also wears a top hat, much like the original Popgoes. He also has Sec-Strings right arm in the place of his right arm

Trivia Edit

His original design lacked ears.

Gallery Edit

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