Employee Lounge
Room/Location Information
Type Staff Lounge
Camera Cam 09
The Employee Lounge is a ruse room in Popgoes' Pizza. It really doesn't serve much of a purpose for Fritz except to keep the Ventilation System out of kids' reach.

Appearance Edit

There are four blue chairs surrounding a small round wooden table with three British Tea Cups. On the wall is a T.V in a blank state. Unlike the rest of the place, the Employee Lounge has a blue carpet. The entrance to the Ventilation System can be seen to the far left, with a sign implying above NOTICE - Ventilation Duct - Do not tamper.

At the far left, there appears to be a few chairs lined up neatly. On the far right, there is a blue table with a Teapot, and two sugar containers.

Movement Edit

Sara and Saffron the Squirrel Sisters can be seen climbing into the Ventilation System momentarily. Simon and Lux Blake appears here during the Fourth Night. Stone the Crow and Gem Stone can appear here holding up their signs.

Quotes Edit

It's too late.
— Stone's sign upon the camera
You can fix it.
— Gem Stone's sign upon the camera.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only room to not have much of a purpose.
  • Lux Blake sits in a badger-like way.

In-game Edit