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Popgoes' Nose Edit

On the desk, there is a plastic cup with a cartoon Popgoes on it. The player is able to interact with Popgoes' Nose. Upon clicking it with the cursor you can make the nose go "POP!". The sound is a reference for the first four FNaF games having the ability to honk Freddy's nose.

Dawko Animatronic Edit

Main Article: Dawko Animatronic

The Dawko Animatronic is an easter egg holding a resemblence to the Dawko's old channel thumbnail.

Gem Stone Edit

Main Article: Gem Stone

Gem Stone rarely appears during gameplay and in the minigames. He is a counterpart of Stone the Crow. Ingame, Gem Stone usually appears when the player's Panic Bar rises to a certain amount of Panic. When he appears, Gem Stone will encourage the player to calm down. He is the opposite of Stone. However, in the minigames, Gem Stone can appear in the minigames in a slumped position, similar to Golden Freddy. When the player enters a room in the minigames, Gem Stone will momentarily appear in a corner before disappearing.

Gem Stone mini-figure Edit

After the player completes Impossible Mode, they will be rewarded with some miscellaneous items. One of these is a new version of the Stone mini-figure. It is an unknown Gem Stone mini-figure. There are curious words on the sign, they say "London Bridge". It is currently unknown about why Kane had added this to the game, though it can be noted that "London Bridge" is used for the very beginning of the Five Nights At Freddy's 2 trailer.

Bonnie Glade and Cyanide in the Custom Night Edit

If you insert 1987 in the Custom Night, Toy Bonnie's Mask with a scar on it will appear, representing Fritz Glade's daughter, Bonnie Glade. If you insert 2124 in the Custom Night, a Blue Freddy (Cyanide) will appear on the screen.

Toy Animatronics Edit

Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, and And an pre-mangled version of Mangle can appear in the Arcade Room, Party Room, and Server Room respectively.

Scrapped Easter Eggs Edit

  • In the Extra Menu, it is stated that Balloon Boy would appear in "CAM 10 " sometimes.
  • The Endoskeleton from FNAF 2 would appear in the vent above you sometimes.
  • When you look at Stone through the window, there would have been some posters of Five Nights at Candy's by Emil Macko and the cancelled game Those Nights at Fredbear's by Nikson on occasion.

Purple car Edit

Sometimes, When you look outside the parking lot, you can see a purple car. It probably belonged to Simon.

Easter Eggs Edit