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Dining Hall
Room/Location Information
Type Dining
Animatronics/Robots Popgoes the Weasel
Sara the Squirrel
Saffron the Squirrel
Blake the Badger

The Dining Hall is an area where the player resides at. During the day, it is used as a major room with the animatronics dancing on the show stage. It is the main area for the game. It is where all animatronics except Stone the Crow starts off.

Appearance Edit

There are tables throughout the dining hall, there are some occasional balloons floating around the tables. There is also a show stage with a few fake trees and a speaker. The animatronics start off on the stage. In a corner of the room, there is another fake tree. Next to a doorway labelled STAFF ONLY, a poster of Popgoes and Blake can be seen.

Aligning the desks are computers with Blake buttons on their sides. Near the servo room's entrance is a poster of Blake holding a wrench, next to the poster of Blake is another poster of a partially hidden Saffron poster. Fritz's office can be seen as well. It is labelled KEEP OUT.

A vent can also be seen at the top of the ceiling.

Movement Edit

Popgoes will start off at the Show Stage of the Dining Hall; along with Sara and Saffron. Popgoes will move out of the Dining Hall through the door on the player's left, while the Squirrel Sisters move out into the Employee Lounge. Popgoes will then come back from the Main Hall holding a piece of the Blackrabbit and will place it upon the table behind the player. Blake can also start off at the far end of the Dining Hall, and will move into the Server Room. Once called back, Blake will stand to the player's left and will begin staring at them for a few seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the rest of the place, the floor is in a black-and-white checkered pattern.
  • The hall sports the same style as of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

In-game Edit