Cyanide appears in Popgoes as a secret Easter egg character.
Character Information
Species Bear Animatronic
Gender Unknown
First appearance Good Night
Status Deceased
If the player puts the code "2124" in Good Night, his face will appear, and he will crash the game. Something similar happens with Bonnie Glade and Simon.


Cyanide looks similar to Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but he is cyan instead of yellow. His jaw is hanging loosely of his head, suggesting it may be a spring-lock suit. It seems that his teeth are made of a silver with a blue tint. Only his head is shown and he appears nowhere else in the game.


  • Cyanide is named after a poison/element of the same name.
  • Cyanide is a mascot of a 2124 Reddit.
  • He may be a painted Golden Freddy but that is most likely false.
  • Is is unknown if he is painted or if the camera has a glare on the green spot on the top of his/her left eye.
  • He appears to have signs of weathering on his left side.
  • He also appears to have something in his mouth.
  • It is unknown what gender Cyanide is.
    • However, He could be male due to him possibly being a cyan golden Freddy.
    • In Popgoes Encore he would be owned by Fritz Glade, what can mean that he's male.