Art Room
Room/Location Information
Type Art Room
Camera CAM 1
Blackrabbit Piece Right Arm

The Art Room is an area within Popgoes Pizza. It is known as CAM 1, according to the Strings' Phone. It is also one of the six rooms to have a 3D-Printer. The other rooms are the Arcade Room, Birthday Room, Party Room, Storage Area and the Kitchen.

Appearance Edit

The Art Room has a strikingly similar appearance to the other two party rooms, except it has drawing materials instead of party hats and much more presents.

Two tables align the room diagonally with dark shaded balloons floating overhead. A balloon covers the view of the doorway leading outside.

On the tables themselves, there are multiple objects lying around the area, such as, figurines of Toy Freddy, Toy Chica and Funtime Foxy are wrapped up in presents, pencils & crayons stored in cans, and some papers. On the room's walls, dozens of children's drawings could be spotted, with some of them depicting Popgoes or the animatronics entertaining little children.

At the far end of the Art Room is one of the 3D-Printers, lying in the middle. Occupying the sides of the 3D-Printer are two shelves lined up with figurines on different levels of it. Like the rest of the room, the floor has the same black-and-white pattern.

Movement Edit

The animatronics who can appear in the Art Room are Popgoes, Stone, and Gem Stone. Popgoes can only be seen as a darkened silhouette about to receive a piece of the Blackrabbit, and another render of him holding the piece.


You don't need that phone
— Stone's sign
Keep that phone safe
— Gem Stone's sign

Trivia Edit