A 3D-Printer (Notice that the Toy Animatronics are on the 3D-Printer, excluding BB)

3D-Printers are found all over Popgoes Pizza. There are seven 3D Printers around Popgoes Pizza. They can be deactivated by clicking on the Room Shut-Down button. This can help stop the room's 3D Printer printing a piece of the Blackrabbit when Popgoes the Weasel is present. If the player fails to shut down the room when Popgoes is present, he will collect the Blackrabbit's piece and will proceed to the Main Hall.

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Trivia Edit

  • The letters PGP on the 3D Printers are just the backronyms of Popgoes' Pizza.
  • 3D printers exist in real life.
  • The 3D-Printers can also print out replacement parts, if an animatronic gets damaged.
  • It was confirmed by Kane Carter that when customers were done during the day, they would throw their utensils away and grind them down into powder. The powder would be used in the printers to make new utensils the next day.
    • This was confirmed on Game Jolt.

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